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1. Manifest Together

Get access to all of Katie's Masterclasses, Meditations, Courses and 3 Live Monthly Group Coaching sessions led by Katie.

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2. Inner Convo Duets

Embark on a personalized journey of self-reflection with our Inner Conversation Script Narration, where both Male and Female voices bring your thoughts to life.

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2. Hire a Coach

Hire a Inner Conversation coach from our Inner Conversation Crew, to guide you to your movement.

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Virtual OnlineĀ Inner Conversation CoursesĀ 

ThreeĀ ways to manifest your person.

7 Day Manifestation Bundle & Power Of Inner Conversation E Course 

Focus on being in the state of the wish fulfilled.

The Power of Inner Conversation Book, and the 7 Day Challenge

Plus new Power of Inner Conversation and the Law of Assumption ECourse!

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Manifest Together Membership!

Group Coaching Support led by Katie to help you manifest your person.

Access to 3 live coaching events with Katie each month.

Access entire Manifest Together Library.

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1 on 1 Inner Conversation Coaching with Katie

Now Offering Email and Video Coaching, or a 1 on 1 45 Minute Video Coaching call with Katie.

Guided Experience to bring you and your person back into oneness, first within, then without.

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Inner Convo Client

"I love this new version of the 7 Day challenge. It is so convenient in the app, so easy to just tune in no matter what is going on. I needed that because by day 4, I was reacting! My person was showing up as an older version and I found myself wanting to give up and just go back to the old way of living. I turned on the afternoon meditation as a last resort and instantly was put back into my power. I felt the energy of my person, the clarity, that this is the real them, and they do love me. I felt re-balanced, back in my courage and state of knowing. He showed up later that day, kind, encouraging, like we hadn't been fighting all week..."

Inner Convo Client

"After 7 months of no contact from an SP (I'd only met once for a weekend) who lived in another state, and was averse to 'talking on the phone ', I got almost immediate movement after my session (about a week after my session and after constant inner conversations with him) and he called right after."

Inner Convo Client

"I want to share with you and with others for encouragement: Last night I received contact from my person, with no outer action. We hadn’t spoken in two weeks. Katie and I had a session. He was ignoring my texts and calls. I felt like it was hell dealing with the fear, the guilt I had (I had started a bad argument when he was sick,) and the fact that I “messed everything up.” I had been going within and was connecting with the inner version of him, and it was hard. Last night I was so frustrated and was sobbing in my apartment. It felt like the inner him was literally chasing me from room to room trying to help me. When I finally accepted that it was him, a long text came through on my phone."

Manifesting Touch, Kisses From Your Person

Nov 08, 2023

Inner Conversation

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