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Inner Convo Chat - Beyond Assumptions: Unravel the Mysteries of Inner Conversations

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In a captivating Inner Conversation between Katie Pelkey and Christina, the duo explores the transformative teachings of Neville Goddard and the powerful principles of the Law of Assumption. Dive into their insightful dialogue as they guide you on a journey to consciously shape your inner dialogue, manifesting the fulfilling relationships you desire.

Living the LIE:

Explore the impact of assumptions on our lives, as Katie and Christina candidly discuss how assumptions shape our experiences and circumstances. Learn to navigate the complexities of assumptions to create a reality aligned with your desires.

Mastering Inner Power:

Delve into Christina's focus on inner power and the continuous learning process within the realm of Inner Conversations. Discover how mastering various subjects empowers you to navigate new territories and overcome resistance.

Navigating Guilt and Comparison: Uncover the layers of guilt and comparison in Inner Conversations, and learn how to reframe these limiting beliefs. Katie guides Christina through a process of revising states, helping her tap into the wisdom of her inner child and envision a reality where everyone is happy.

Practical Steps to Manifest Your Ideal Relationship:

  1. Embrace the End Result: Utilize the power of imagination to visualize a scenario where everyone involved is happy. Connect with your inner child's desire for universal happiness as a guiding force in shaping your assumptions.
  2. Release Fear and Impatience: Address fears of deservingness and impatience by adopting a perspective rooted in the certainty that your desires are unfolding in divine timing. Let go of the need for immediate results, allowing the manifestation process to unfold organically.

As you absorb the profound teachings shared by Katie Pelkey and Christina, empower yourself to manifest your ideal relationship through conscious Inner Conversations and the Law of Assumption. Embrace the journey, release limiting beliefs, and step into a reality where the fulfillment of your desires is not only possible but inevitable.

Embark on this empowering exploration now, and manifest the relationship you've always envisioned. Your journey to love, happiness, and conscious creation awaits.


Check out Inner Conversation Coach Katie Pelkey YouTube Channel to learn more about Inner Conversations!


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