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Chosen, One and Only (3p) Guided Inner Conversation and Revision

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In today's world, you may feel overlooked and forgotten. Society often values productivity and achievement above all else, causing you to lose sight of your own worth and value as an individual. This can be especially true in your romantic relationships, where you may feel like you are competing for attention and affection with others.

But what if you could shift your perspective and start feeling truly chosen and prioritized in your relationships? What if you could tap into the power of your own imagination and revise old assumptions that no longer serve you?

Katie Pelkey, an inner conversation coach and the law of assumption coach teacher revision, and meditation teacher, recently led a powerful meditation on the Inner Conversation podcast focused on feeling chosen and being a priority in a relationship.

Pelkey reminds you that your imagination is the only important thing, and that by staying focused on your truth, you can manifest your desires and dissolve any unwanted realities. She encourages you to activate a timeline where you and your partner have always chosen each other, and to revise old assumptions that may be holding you back.

One of the key takeaways from Pelkey's meditation is the importance of paying attention to your mental and emotional states. She reminds you that when you feel suffering or pain, it's often because your awareness is outside of yourself. By bringing your awareness back into your body and coming back to your truth, you can dissolve any obstacles and move forward in your relationships with confidence and clarity.

Another powerful aspect of Pelkey's meditation is the emphasis on the role of imagination in manifesting your desires. She reminds you that your person is just a symbol of the balance and harmony that has always been within you, and that there is no opposition or other. By tapping into the power of your own imagination, you can activate a timeline where you and your partner have always chosen each other, dissolving any unwanted realities.

In a world where it can be easy to feel overlooked and forgotten, Pelkey's meditation offers a powerful reminder that you are worthy of love and attention. By revising old assumptions and tapping into the power of your own imagination, you can feel truly chosen and prioritized in your relationships, and move forward with confidence and clarity.

Tune in to the Inner Conversation podcast to learn more about Katie Pelkey's powerful meditation and start feeling truly chosen in your relationships today.


Check out Inner Conversation Coach Katie Pelkey YouTube Channel to learn more about Inner Conversations!


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