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Inner Conversations for Revision and Supreme Confidence, instant Results With Your Person

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Have you ever felt like you're not making any progress in your journey to manifest your desires? It can be frustrating when it seems like nothing is happening despite your efforts. However, revision and inner conversations can be powerful tools to help you shift your focus and manifest your desired reality.

When you feel like you've had no movement in your manifesting journey, it's time to do some revision for revising. Start by taking a deep breath and coming into your inner world. Close the door to your senses and focus on your awareness of being. Remind yourself that your consciousness is the only operant power and that what you are conscious of right now is all that is real.

From the moment you had the desire to be with someone, you became aware that your thoughts, inner conversations, and feelings are creating your inner and outer experiences. At that moment, you were able to cultivate Supreme confidence and remember that you and God are one.

The first intentional inner conversation you had about your desire reflected without delay. You heard what you wanted to hear, felt it, and saw it show up in your reality instantly. This is the power of inner conversations and revision. When you allow yourself to explore your power without guilt or shame, you can hear anything you want to hear from your person, and it will show up right away.

Imagine your desired reality now, manifest your dream relationship. Assume that everything goes your way at all times and that you are the operant cause of your reality. Remember that there is no wrong or right in manifesting, and all your desires are worthy. When you reach out to your person, they always respond right away with what you want to hear.

If anything in your current reality feels off, revise it right away. Come back to your Supreme confidence, knowing that you are the only cause and that everything is happening in perfect timing. Imagine your person and all people involved reassuring you that you can do no wrong and that everything is for you.

As your confidence in yourself as God increases, so does the instantaneous response from your inner and outer world. Everyone responds to your confidence quickly and instantly because everyone is alive inside of you, listening to you right now. There is no separation, no external causes, and no blocking.

Allow your imagination to show you your ultimate reality and feel the confidence growing within you. Everything is always working out perfectly for you, and you live in a timeline where your desires manifest instantly. Your person and all people in your world are one, and any negative emotions quickly redirect you back to your confidence and Supreme state of knowing.

In conclusion, revision and inner conversations can help you manifest your desired reality instantly. By cultivating Supreme confidence and remembering that you and God are one, you become the operant cause of your reality. Nothing is impossible, and everything is always working out perfectly for you. Stay within your Supreme confidence, and allow your desires to manifest instantly, all the time. That's what you came to do.

This video covers topics on manifesting relationships using inner conversations and the law of assumption. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating Supreme confidence and remembering that you and God are one. The video also discusses exploring a timeline where your desires manifest instantly and how everyone in your world responds to your confidence quickly and instantly. The ultimate goal is to stay within your Supreme confidence and allow your desires to manifest out instantly, all the time.


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