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It was through inner conversation that I, went from a time of separation from my person to manifesting them back into a long lasting relationship where we now share a family. Through this practice of consciously creating new inner conversations, instead of letting the old negative ones repeat, I have continued to manifest a relationship with my person and all others that continues to surpass what I thought was possible. For so long I had no idea it was this conversation that I was having with others in my own mind that was actually creating the circumstances around me, I created enemies, third parties, heartbreak, loneliness and the like. Though at times I find myself repeating old ideas of separation, distrust, and doubt, these inner conversations brings me back to my center and into my knowing, and most importantly it allows the best of my person, of everyone in my life to come through, to remind me, they are just a reflection of me, of god, of love, here to love me and bring my desires to life, I intend it does something of a similar fashion for you.

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