The Secret to Manifesting your Relationship

The Secret to Manifesting your Relationship

Is in occupying the state of already being together versus staying stuck in being apart.


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7 Days of Morning, Noon and Night Meditation/Visualizations

-3 brand new guided meditations to keep your mind, heart, and body focused on what you want to create, getting you past old versions of heartbreak and separation.


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7 Day Challenge

What you'll get:

  • Brand new guided meditations to manifest your person, one for morning, noon, and night
  • 7 days of essential Law of Assumption teachings
  • 7 days of inner conversations that manifest movement
  • Easy access to the material via phone app
  • 7 daily challenges that help you discover and consciously apply the 7 Laws of Assumption that have always been at play in your relationship
  • 7 days of new inner conversations ready to manifest out
  • Additional community support included and added on as you come back to the challenge again and again
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7 Daily Challenges

Discover and consciously apply the 7 Laws of Assumption that have always been at play in your relationship and are the cause of the “separation.”

7 Days of New Inner Conversations, Ready to manifest out

Change the old Inner Conversations that created your current circumstances. Replace them with the version of you and your person who have always been together.

*Additional Community Support will be Included and added on to as you come back to the challenge again and again, great for once you are back together and manifesting as a couple!

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Inner Conversation Book and Course Bundle

Transform your mindset and manifest the relationship of your dreams with the Inner Conversation Book & Course Bundle. Start today and see the results for yourself!

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What customers are saying...

“Hi Katie! I bought one of your courses on Friday and made a plan to focus on this work this weekend. I started watching the video on Saturday morning and worked on the first half of it. Game changer as it related to my “old man”. Today, Sunday I started on the second half relating to revision. As soon as I was finished speaking my last new assumption, SP text me…after almost 4 months of NC. He asked me to dinner (of course he did!).We had an amazing  time. He was so happy to see me.”

"Inner conversations got me back in contact with my Specific Person after a year and a half! Thank you Katie, it really works!"

“I gotta say I never saw more movement w my sp since I started listening to Katie….when I thought i had all the knowledge of all the coaches it wasn’t until her guiding videos removed the arguments i was having w him in my head, and hearing him and I having loving conversations somehow pushed such a different version of him out…hes been so much more tender, and he’s always been a blunt scorpio lol but only w me is he soft, it’s just been so nice🤍 I wouldn’t have learned how to do that internally if it wasn’t for Katie🤍 I appreciate your content more than you know🤍

Inner Conversation Morning Scripts to Manifest SP