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1 on 1, Live Inner Conversation Coaching


This is a live 1 on 1 video call with your Inner Conversation Coach to help unblock your limiting assumptions and manifest your Ideal Relationship and Person. Can include live meditation, revision, and inner conversations.

Inner Conversation Katie Pelkey

Inner Conversation Coach Christina

Inner Conversation Coach Judith

The Difference

1 on 1 Inner Conversation Live Video Coaching is a live coaching session with your coach. You will meet at your scheduled time via a live video call.ย This is best if you need specific feedback and have multiple questions.

Inner Conversation Custom Coaching and Meditationย on the other hand, allows you to receive a personalized Coaching and Meditation video response from your coach within 1-3 days of your scheduled appointment time based on a questionnaire you will fill out upon booking your appointment.

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