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Change Circumstances with Inner Conversations.

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Feeling a bit defeated while manifesting your Person?

If you feel like you have tried it all to manifest your person back, to stay, but the old keeps getting in the way...

Break through with Inner Conversations. 

You can affirm all day, but if you are not aware of the inner conversations that caused your current unwanted circumstances... then nothing will change.

To actually manifest your person, your desired relationship, one that lasts, you need to learn the conversations that create a lasting love, and replace the ones that cause it to stay away.


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Manifest Your Relationship with Inner Conversations


What others are saying!


“I have really been focusing on inner conversations with my person and I feel so at peace when doing them.  I hear everything I need to hear from him, even if I've never actually heard it from him in the 3D ( I know that doesn't matter) but your techniques have helped me so much.  Thank you”

Katie's Inner Conversation Client

"Doing the meditation was the first time I had that experience that Neville talks about when you open your eyes and you’re shocked that you’re not in the imagination scene in the 3D. Thank you!"
Katie's Inner Conversation Client

"I started inner conversations week ago and already create most loving and caring version of my SP❤️ he changed a lot. Don’t want to tell old story, believe me he wasn’t so good. but I continue to do that, firstly it’s calming and fun, and secondly I want to manifest more." 

Katie's Inner Conversation Client


Everyone’s Manifesting is different. Find the right package for you:

7 Day Challenge


  • Instant Access

    7 Days of Morning, Noon and Night Meditation/Visualizations

    -3 brand new guided meditations to keep your mind, heart, and body focused on what you want to create, getting you past old versions of heartbreak and separation.

    7 Daily Challenges

    Discover and consciously apply the 7 Laws of Assumption that have always been at play in your relationship and are the cause of the “separation.”

    7 Days of New Inner Conversations, Ready to manifest out

    Change the old Inner Conversations that created your current circumstances. Replace them with the version of you and your person who have always been together.

    *Additional Community Support will be Included and added on to as you come back to the challenge again and again, great for once you are back together and manifesting as a couple!


Manifest Together Membership

$197 a month

Most Value

  • The membership includes access to all 3 Monthly live coach events led by Katie.Value of $291.

  • Revision Replaces Reaction Masterclass, Live Creation Meditation, and a Live Inner Conversation Circle as well as an exclusive Community.

  • Access to the Manifest Together library, includes past RRR Masterclasses and Creation Meditations. Value of over $500 increasing each month as more is added.

  • Plus Exclusive 8 Hour Meditations to Manifest: Our membership also includes exclusive 8-hour meditations to manifest love and connection.

  • Exclusive Community. Exclusive Inner Conversation Circle Access.


Manifest 1 on 1 & Together


  • Limited Time Only, (offer is good for 2 months)
  • This package includes (2) 1 on 1 video coaching sessions with Katie
  • Plus access to the (1) Revision Replaces Reaction Masterclass & (1) Manifesting Meditation Live Group Coaching Calls.
  • Access to the Manifest Together Library
  • Support for the entire month as you manifest Your Relationship.

Back Together!

"Inner conversations got me back in contact with my Specific Person after a year and a half! Thank you Katie, it really works!"

Katie's Inner Conversation Client


This course is aimed for conscious manifestors who seek a scheduled, easy to use manifesting routine, to manifest a lasting relationship using the Law of Assumption, Inner Conversations and Meditations 🖤

Manifest Your Relationship Offerings