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Katie's Inner Conversation Book : Manifest Your Relationship Client

I’ve been aware of my ability to manifest my desire for many years. When I came back to the teachings of Neville Goddard, I stumbled across Katie on her former platform, and I instantly fell in love with her way of teaching inner conversations. Many people don’t understand how we are having inner dialogue in our heads all day anyway. And regardless of what manifesting techniques you may use, you will still have to return to your daily life and interact with your outer world. Inner conversations is something that will help you navigate your moment to moment interactions from a space of empowerment. Katie’s inner conversations for a relationship actually also translate into other connections as well. Once you begin to practice, your first bit of evidence will be the relief you instantly feel from your chosen inner dialogue. Then you’ll see synchronicities of your practice in your world. Well done, Katie! Despite all that you’ve grown through, your lessons are most pure and potent. Thank you for this contribution in a way that only you could have delivered it. From one manifesting mentor to another, I see you, I honor you, and I respect you. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’«πŸ¦‹

Katie's Inner Conversation Book : Manifest Your Relationship Client

 "Katie is my coach but this book is great for everyday reading, full of ideas for inner conversations. The book is a quick read and I copied it myself to have it in physical form. Who is it suitable for? for all of us who sometimes don't know or didn't know what it means to be chosen, loved, prioritized, adored and secure in our relationship, this book is full of ideas on how that would look like. Many times we hear "say affirmations to yourself, I am loved, I am chosen,..." but we have no idea what that really means, so this book is a great explanation of everything in detail.

The book shows how we can use all inner conversations in our everyday life and do not need a special time to manifest. Shows us examples of how Sp should be with us from morning to evening.”

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Katie's Inner Conversation Book : Manifest Your Relationship Client

Loved everything about this beautiful inner conversations guide. Katie did an amazing job!!! Thank you so much. I recommend this 100%

Katie's Inner Conversation 7 Day Challenge Client

I started out knowing that inner conversations work with my SP, but feeling disconnected from inner SP and on the brink of giving up. I was in a state of confusion, heartbroken and hopeless. Felt powerless. Now I am feeling more hopeful that I can do this, I'm feeling connected to inner SP again, I'm feeling love and connection.

Katie's Inner Conversation 7 Day Challenge

I’m going to give my original state (before I took the original 7 days challenge), which was extremely stressful and anxious. I was a wreck! Constant tightness in my chest, and always on the verge of bursting into tears. Now? Now, I am determined to move into the state of Blissfully Thriving. I do still have moments of fear, doubt, and tightness. But they are MUCH milder, and I shift back into a state of either calm or neutrality pretty easily. An internal shift has been massive thanks to 7 Day Challenge

Manifest Your Relationship in 7 Days

Introducing the Book & Course Bundle for manifesting a loving, secure, and long-lasting relationship!

This bundle includes: The Personal Law of Assumption Success Story and Inner Conversation Script book, that teaches you the Inner Conversations that Manifest.

The 7 Day Inner Conversation Challenge and Meditation Course gives you a daily immersion into the Law that is behind you having or not having the relationship you desire.



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7 Day Challenge Description

7 Day Challenge Description

A 7 day meditation course with daily guided inner conversations, meditations and manifesting challenges to give you a routine as you manifest communication from your person. If you want to manifest someone specific back into your life, this is the course is for you. 

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The Power of Inner Conversation: Manifesting Your Ideal Relationship 

From Doubt to Divine Love: How Inner Conversation, Manifestation and the Law of Assumption can change your Love Life.  By Katie Pelkey


The 7 Day Inner Conversation Challenge and Meditation Course will help you become more aware of your inner dialogue and how it impacts your reality. Through daily exercises and guided meditations, you will learn to shift your self-talk and visualize a loving and secure relationship. By incorporating the Law of Assumption into your inner conversations, you will be able to manifest the relationship you desire.

Here's a plan to get started:

  1. Begin by reading the Personal Law of Assumption Success Story and Inner Conversation Script book. Take note of the inner conversation techniques and parts of the success story that resonates with you.
  2. Start the 7 Day Inner Conversation Challenge and Meditation Course. Set aside time each day to complete the exercises and guided meditations.
  3. Incorporate the Law of Assumption into your inner conversations. Visualize and affirm the loving, sure, and long-lasting relationship you desire.

With these powerful tools, you can transform your mindset and manifest the relationship of your dreams. Start today and see the results for yourself!

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Power of Inner Conversation  Ecourse

Here are the top 3 problems that this offering solves for clients trying to manifest their ideal relationship:

  1. Stops reactions: The Power of Inner Conversation Audiobook and ECourse teaches you how to become aware of your reactions and how to stop them as you learn the true meaning of them. As your reactions stop, so do unwanted circumstances.
  2. Allows information to sync in and actually be implemented: With over 22 videos of the author reading each chapter of the book, you'll have the opportunity to really absorb the material. You'll also receive instructions on how to implement the techniques in your daily life, allowing you to put what you've learned into practice.
  3. Gets results due to repetition: Through repetition of the techniques, you'll be able to create new patterns of behavior that lead to healthier, happier relationships. The end result is manifesting the relationship you've always dreamed of and you feeling more confident, in your power, and out of the desperation, hopeless, lonely states that continue to create separation.
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